Schoolessons | CBSE | Class 6


1. Food: Where Does It Come From
2. Components of Food
3. Fibre to Fabric
4. Motion and Measurement of Distances
5. Light, Shadows and Reflections
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1. Knowing Our Numbers
2. Whole Numbers
3. Playing with Numbers
4. Basic Geometrical Ideas
5. Understanding Elementary Shapes
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1. The Earth in the Solar System
2. Globe : Latitudes and Longitudes
3. Motion of the Earth
4. Maps
5. Major Domains of the Earth
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1. What, Where, How and When?
2. On the Trail of the Earliest People
3. From Gathering to Growing Food
4. In the Earliest Cities
5. What Books and Burials Tells Us
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Civics and Politics

1. Understanding Diversity
2. Diversity and Discrimination
3. What is Government
4. Key Elements of a Democratic Government
5. Panchayathi Raj
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1. Who did Patrick's Homework?
2. A House, A Home
3. How the Dog found Himself and a New Master
4. The Kite
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Information Technology

1. Central Processing Unit
2. Classification of Computers
3. Advanced Features in Windows
4. Microsoft Word: Some More Features
5. Microsoft Word: Working with Tables
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