Schoolessons | ICSE | Class 9


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1. Rational and Irrational Numbers
2. Compound Interest (Without Using Formula)
3. Compound Interest ( Using Formula)
4. Expansions (Including Substitution)
5. Factorisation
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1. Measurements and Experimentation
2. Motion in one dimension
3. Laws of Motion
4. Fluids
5. Heat
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1. Matter and its Composition: Law of Conservation of Mass
2. Study of Gas Laws
3. Elements, Compounds and Mixtures
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1. Introducing Biology
2. Cell, the unit of Life
3. Plants and Animal Tissues
4. Diversity in living organisms
5. Human Anatomy and Physiology
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History & Civics

1. The Harappan Civilisation
2. The Vedic Period
3. India in the 6th century B.C
4. Our Constitution
5. Salient features of the Constitution
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1. Our world
2. Structure of the Earth and Internal Processes
3. Weathering
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1. Understanding an Economy
2. Role of Public Distribution System
3. Industry
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